Precambrian rock, with a flash of aurora blue; mix in searing guitar, danceable grooves and skilled songwriting. That’s the sound of Yellowknife’s Priscilla’s Revenge, one of Northern Canada’s most prolific bands.

Band members Norm Glowach (drums, vocals) Greg Nasogaluak (guitar) and Blair Brezinski (bass, vocals) or 'Priscilla' have been writing and recording original music since late 2004.

Priscilla’s albums have been nominated for national awards and the band has received national Canadian radio exposure on CBC’s Saturday Night Blues. As well, their song “That’s What I’ll Say,” from their second album reached #6 on the National Aboriginal Countdown. Several tunes were featured in Arctic Air and they are now enjoying a regular rotation on independent internet radio sites. 

They've performed with or shared the stage with many top Canadian and International Aboriginal performers such as Leela Gilday, Billy Joe Green, Shane Yellowbird and Stevie Salas.With two thirds of trio having Aboriginal roots, they are paying homage to their heritage, but moving their music into areas based in many cultures. 

“The perfect mix of rockin' blues, medium tempo funk, blues and ballads.” - John Valenteyn, Blues Undergound Network.

They list as their interests: Vintage gear, Tequila and writing killer tunes.