The Snowcastle becomes a month long celebration of community spirit, collaboration, innovation in the arts, entertainment for young and old and where the spirit of winter wonderment from all our collective childhood reigns supreme.

A winter wonderland is created on Yellowknife Bay where the Snowking and his talented, hardy northern helpers brave -30 over the course of 2 months to build a huge castle made entirely of snow and ice.  

On any given day, the Snowcastle might host a children's play, followed by an arts exhibit or a rock band, a film festival and finish the night off by transforming into a dance club.

The Festival is celebrating it's 23rd Year! We look forward to seeing you! 

    Mandate of the Festival

  1. To celebrate arts and music in a unique winter setting and to the capture the imagination of children and children at heart.

  2. Promote local and northern content, foster cultural participation and strengthen connections among members of the community.

  3. Provide a venue (snow castle and environs) for northern artists and performers.

  4. Promote cultural heritage.

  5. Present Yellowknife as a tourist destination during the winter season.

    Board Of Directors


Directors: Dave Zehtof (President) Mike Mitchell, Erica Janes, Laura Busch, Byron Fitzky, Joel Maillet, Melissa Pohajdak



P.O.Box 1531, Yellowknife, NT X1A2P2

Program Coordinator - **artist and performer submissions

Volunteer Coordinator-

Snowcarver Coordinator-

Board President-

Media Contact -

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23 years ago a snowman was sitting outside enjoying the winter sun when someone put a magic potato on his face instead of a carrot. The result was a magical transformation and snowing came to be. Ever since then, he has built a giant snow-castle for all the winter citizens who enjoy the whole winter experience. But there are those out there who don't believe in the magical experience, and do their best to prevent this. (adults and vandals)

Snowking has no patience for these types of people! Truck idlers are the worst as their emissions contribute to green-house gasses, and the result is GLOBAL WARMING! Yuck! So tell your dad or mom to leave your truck at home or if you can't, then tell them to shut it off when you get out of it. Snowking also recommends long johns or snow-pants, and he starts his day with a big bowl of oatmeal that works like an inner furnace. Don't you think that is good?