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No crisis, big fun = new Snowking lottery.

Things are falling into place for this year’s Snowcastle season. Castle windows are being cut from the lake, raw material for snowcrete is beginning to accumulate on YK bay and Snowkings Winter Festival is launching a new lottery. 

(btw, see if you dunno what snowcrete is)

To help flog fundraising tix, we usually identify some sort of fiscal emergency that needs just the right, raffle-sized plug to stop the leak.  This year, we’ve been wracking our brains trying our damndest to concoct just such a crisis, but to no avail. 

That’s not to say that we suffer for a lack of funding pinches in trying to pull off the coolest snow-and-ice festival in the world:

-          wages for crew, coordinators and our brand-new Executive Director

-          Housing all the terrific acts that Snowstorm Sally is arranging to bring to town, in the midst of an aurora tourism hotel crunch, I might add

-          Delivering pre-festival construction tours based out of a new, heated merch booth to be built on the bay

-          architect-stamped drawings (again)

-          etc.

…but, as a funding application reviewer disappointingly told us, those are just regular O and M costs.  So, we can’t, in good conscience, call them crises.

Enter the fun. A more-than-sufficient rationale for a gaming event!

A reverse raffle is very much like a regular raffle, except in reverse.  By that we mean, tickets are sold in advance of the draw for the chance at five fabulous prizes (admittedly Grand Prize and Runner up are significantly more fabulous than the other three). Rather than picking winning tickets, however, we continue to pick losing tickets until we’re left with one, final non-loser (often referred to as a winner): 


Can't you just taste the incrementally-growing excitement as we winnow contestants down through the month of February?  Just like Survivor.

Why not King of the Castle, you may rightly ask?  Well as SK told me recently ‘’there’s already a King of the Castle!’’.  Fair enough.

 The full list of rules can be found here. But here’s a quick overview for people who like bullets:

  • Tickets cost $100 and include a free adult’s season pass valued at $75 for Snowking XXIV

  • Only 200 tickets will be sold – meaning a 1 in 40 chance of winning a prize

  • Seven lottery losers will be drawn by SK crew every day, throughout the month of February, and shamed on our facebook page and over email

  • Losers # 50, 100 and 150 will be re-entered into the draw as an act of kingly charity

  • The last five remaining ticket holders (or their chosen designates) will be tucked into a private booth on opening night at the Castle (March 2) where their sweepstakes fate will be decided during intermission, at about 9:00 pm.

  • Prizes are $2000, $1000, $500, $250 and $150

It goes without saying that, win or lose, participating in the draw helps to ensure that our neato town continues to boast an amazing castle made of snow (think about it….made of snow!!).   

Buy your stocking stuffer raffle tickets at the Down to Earth Gallery, or from any of these chill friends of the Snowkings Winter Festival:

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