Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces

Blake Miller & the Old Fashioned Aces (Lafayette, Louisiana) are breathing new life into an old sound. Whether they appear as an acoustic trio or a full electric band, finer musicians playing Cajun music cannot be found. In a world where it seems everyone is continually stretching the boundaries of Louisiana French music, the Aces nest comfortably inside the well worn tracks of Cajun Music. From old fiddle tunes, to classic dance floor packers, to bilingual country classics, their music is comfort food. Expect a high energy dance - dust the snow off your mukluks.

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Claude Cormier

Avec Garde ton accent, son septième opus, Claude Cormier (Îles de la Madeleine, PQ) revient à ses origines : un rendez-vous festif à saveur de folk irlandais, de poésie colorée et du langage unique des Madelinots. Le son endiablé du violon, du bouzouki, du banjo, de l’accordéon, des guitares et des percussions crée cette ambiance chaleureuse et dynamique propre aux Acadiens des Îles.

With his seventh opus Garde ton accent, Claude Cormier (Îles de la Madeleine, QC) goes back to his roots: a festive rendez-vous with an Irish folk flavor, colorful poetry and the unique language of the Madelinots (people from “les Îles de la Madeleine”). The swinging of the violin, the bouzouki frenzied sound and the banjo, accordion as well as the rhythm of the guitars and percussion creates the warmth and dynamic atmosphere proper to the Ile de la Madeleine Acadians.


The Heavyweights Brass Band

The Heavyweights Brass Band, based in Toronto, have built a reputation as Canada's reigning champions of feel-good horn music. Over the last decade they have toured extensively and shared the stage with Trombone Shorty, The Roots, Galactic, and The Soul Rebels, among many others. Their unique style never fails to move any audience, and has earned them a loyal following from fans across all genres. The secret to the Heavyweights reach can be found in the folk origins of jazz. Following in the footsteps of the originators, their music is shaped not only by their environment but by traditions dating back centuries, creating an alchemy which has universal appeal.

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Follow Diga’s footsteps through the deepest snow, into the natural world, and reemerge on the other side with a new understanding of contemporary Canadian music. From Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to Aarhus, Denmark, Diga traveled the circumpolar world to bring his music to new heights. World music, soft instrumentals, and his Cohen-esque voice, work together to infuse Yellowstone with the sounds of the circumpolar world. The lyrics embrace Diga’s poetic sensibilities, describing an unknown world in the midst of modernity.


The Cam Neufeld Connection

A long-time fixture in the Edmonton music scene, Cam Newfeld has played his own style of fiddle music in clubs and festivals across the prairies and around the world. From the street to the concert hall, his musical journey has spanned the gamut of styles from traditional fiddling to jazz. Cam & The Connection will keep you dancing the night away.


Bloodshot Bill

Bloodshot Bill started in his hometown of Montreal around 1998, with just a guitar and a stomp board. Since then, he's had over 30 releases throughout Europe and North America. Touring constantly, he has collaborated with such acts as The's, Jon Spencer, King Khan, beat poet Charles Plymell, Mark Sultan, Deke Dickerson, and Shannon Shaw. Bill plays well with others but is known mostly for his One Man Band act. Artist Joe Coleman once called him "a cross between Jimmie Rodgers & Popeye", and director John Waters says he's "like Roy Orbison with a head wound".


Billi Zizi

Edmonton’s Billie Zizi deftly combines the groove of classic soul with a flair for contemporary R&B melody, adding a certain avant-jazz vibe with her guitar forays to create a sound as accessible as it is experimental.


Carmen Braden

CWCMA-nominee Carmen Braden is an emerging force in the world of new music, hailing proudly from the Canadian sub-Arctic with her home base in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. “A talented, bold musician” (Up Here Magazine), Carmen is a life-long Northerner whose music has been described as “drop-dead gorgeous” (Ottawa Citizen).

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Megan Nash

Megan Nash (Regina, SK) is in the midst of her personal quest for spiritual meaning on her own terms. Her chosen path is through music, and as an artistic statement, Nash’s latest album, Seeker, displays the breadth of Nash’s talents as a songwriter, vocalist and producer—the culmination of one stage of her journey while simultaneously beginning the next.


Blue Moon Marquee

Blue Moon Marquee is a Gypsy Blues band born of the wild rose country. They currently make their home in an island shack on the coast of the Salish Sea. A.W. Cardinal (vocals/guitar) and Jasmine Colette a.k.a. Badlands Jass (vocals/bass/drums) write and perform original compositions influenced by anything that swings, jumps or grooves.


Rae Spoon

Rae Spoon is an award-winning non-binary musician and author. They have released nine solo albums spanning folk, indie rock and electronic genres and have toured across Canada and internationally. Rae was the subject and composer of the score for the National Film Board–produced musical-documentary My Prairie Home, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014. They have been nominated for two Polaris Prizes, a Lambda Literary Award and a Western Canadian Music Award.


Wesley Hardisty

Largely self taught, Wesley took up the fiddle at age 13 in his hometown of Fort Simpson, NT. Wesley is a fiddler, guitarist, composer and singer whose unique blend of rock, folk, Celtic and Metis music is compelling and emotional. His hundreds of gigs including a performance for the royal couple Will and Kate, the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and the Folk on the Rocks Music Festival. His debut CD won the 2012 Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Award for Best Fiddle CD.

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Rock The Arts

Rock the Arts is an Ottawa based professional puppet company that tours year round bringing their handmade puppets to you! They have traveled across Canada and to Sydney Australia where they  performed and taught at after school programs. They have appeared on YTV’s Saturday morning Crunch, CTV’s Regional Contact and Rogers Ottawa. The Rock the Arts Puppets live in Creatureville but humans are always welcome to join them in their imaginative world.


Ryan McCord

Where the romance of train hopping, the coziness of a Yellowknife shack and the crackle of an old country record on the stereo meet you have the makings of a Ryan McCord show. With a studied knowledge of the finest in classic country and a well developed voice of his own this is a show sure to get you two-stepping.


Brother Ray Lamelin

The love of music, song, and dance started early in Ray’s life as a child in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. Today, “Brother” Ray Lemelin is a hard working blues musician often found travelling the highways of Canada spreading the good word of his funky soul sound.


Andrea Bettger

Andrea Bettger is a sought-after violinist and vocalist. While completing her music degree in classical violin at the University of Toronto, she gained experience in playing jazz and bluegrass styles, as well as experimenting in the electric world of sounds on her instrument. Her artistic versatility resulted in playing with well-known bands such as Wide Mouth Mason, The Rheostatics, Ron Sexsmith, and Jane Siberry.


Hasselberg & Lewis

An ambassador and active exponent of the professional new music and art scene in Canada since 1974, versatile and experimental soprano/voice artist Catherine Fern Lewis graduated from the University of Victoria, B.C. where she specialized in contemporary music. Lewis spent a further three years in Europe, predominantly in Paris, studying French song with the noted Peirre Bernac, Madame Chereau and Winifred Radford. Cellist Marina Hasselberg’s musical career led her from her birth country of Portugal across the world to Vancouver’s eclectic music scene. Starting as a chamber musician specializing in classical music, her passions have expanded to include baroque music, new music, and interdisciplinary works that cross genre boundaries.


Frosty Children’s Theatre

Frosty Children's Theater begun its roots at the Snowcastle 10 years ago.This silly group of friends come together every year to write a new play about the animals that inspire them in their backyards, or here in the north.The story offers goofy moments, and teaching moments. Bring your kids to join in on the fun, and have a few adult giggles along the way.


Howie Miller

Howie Miller has been hailed as one of the funniest Indigenous comedians and actors on television today. He is a First Nation Descendant of the Cree Nation and was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. His quick wit and unique point of view on multi ethnic stereotypes has garnered numerous television appearances and placed him in great demand on the corporate circuit.


Miranda Currie

Children’s entertainer Miranda Currie, released her latest album Bouncing in the Boreal in November of 2018! Currie writes fun, catchy, and original kid friendly songs with a northern indigenous flair! As singer-songwriter, fiddle and guitar player, Miranda uses these instruments to convey the beauty and adventure she finds near her Yellowknife home, where she lives with her two sled dogs! Her show includes references to the indigenous Dene language of Tlicho, as well as songs about her favourite animal - the busy beaver! Miranda is an outdoor educator and author of 3 children's books.

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Johnny Cole

Throughout Norman Glowach’s life, music has always been in the forefront. He’s always been on a quest for musical truth, and seeking knowledge through the filter of music. That’s been his life for forty-seven years in Yellowknife.


Fireweed Children’s Choir

The Fireweed Children’s Choir is an open community choir for any singer in Grades 2 - 8. Every child in the Fireweed Choir is a valued member and the choir is a place where friendships grow right along with singing skills.


Yellowknives Dene Drummers

The Yellowknives Dene Drummers are from the communities of Ndilo and Dettah and will welcome you to their traditional territory. They perform event opening prayer songs, celebration songs, drum dances and hand games demonstrations.


Patrick Jacobson

Patrick Jacobson is a Yellowknife-based indie-rock songwriter who has spent the last decade crafting, recording and performing original songs all across Canada. He's played everywhere from Lucky Bar in Victoria to the Seahorse Tavern in Halifax to The Pit in Dawson City.


Bluebird Island

Our ship set sail...for the most songs of heartbreak north of the Gold Range.  Bluebird Island adds their Old Town twang to the likes of Hank Snow, the Stanley Brothers and traditional cajun tunes.  With their smooth vocal harmonies and toe-tapping instrumentals, heartbreak has never sounded so good!


Flora and the Fireweeds

Flora and the Fireweeds is a band from Yellowknife. We are the beauty after the burn, the good times that come after bad. We play country, folk, jazz and those old songs you love. Flora is Brie O'Keefe, The Fireweeds are Patrick Jacobson, Spencer DeCorby, Brian Weadick, Alyssa Holland and Eva Paul. 

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The Housemen

The Housemen are a trio of Yellowknife based stay-at-home Dads. We write original rock n' roll material about life, love, looking back, and speeding ahead while small children play about on the floor.


Baby Brian

Affectionately known as Baby Brian, Brian Weadick performs rich guitar based compositions, reflecting the folk and country balladry which filled his infant ears. Hailing from Yellowknife, NT, by way of Bridgeport, ON, his songs marry tradition with a resolve to will impossibilities into reality, all in a honey dipped croonin’ drawl, for the sake of the song. His forthcoming debut record, Talk with the Honky Tonk Psychiatrist, brings the listener into his imaginative universe of generosity, hootenanny-heroism, and that which surpasses the ordinary and expected. 


Miraj & Puppy

Miraj & Puppy create a perfect hybrid expressing our creativity in the studios and in the underground dance community . Puppy brings an everlasting femme & queer energy empowering selection creating a wonderful inspiration for the dancers and Miraj brings the best & sexy funkiest freshest beats.


Peek-A-Boo Kazoo

This Yellowknife children’s band plays songs for the young and young at heart! They’ve been charming Snowcastle audiences for a decade. They’ll put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye.



“They were a shadowy secret society, whose activities were shrouded in mystery.” - Anonymous

Unintentionally returning from Montreal, J.D Walowski made residence at the abandoned, dilapidated room #38 inside the mythical Gold Range Hotel where the echoing dust of the Cosmos had long settled upon the clandestine shoulders of a forgotten past. Within those walls, without ventilation, bathed in the glimmer of spectral moons, commenced an unexpected undertaking, his alchemy of human transformation into altered states of existence. As the Aeromancer infers by wind and sky, as smoke forever leaves the fire, the WitchDoctor conjures devotional spells evoking the logical human mind to unite with the spirit and cast away the curses of these modern times.

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Jimmy T. & The Sociables

Jimmy T. and the Sociables bring their famous East Coast Kitchen Party to the Snow Castle. Put on your mukluks and dance to all your favorite East Coast/ Celtic songs