Miraj is a northern electronic and visual music based group from Yellowknife, NT that consists Sami Blanco and Harrison Roberts. Sami and Harrison work with analog and digital synthesizers. Miraj is focused on understanding music synthesis and visual production through the exploration of analog and digital instruments in the northern climate, which is influenced, by Isolation and extreme environmental changes.  

Miraj sound is inspired by human made and natural sounds. The sonic waves created by Miraj take place In the form of an ever evolving adventure starting at soothing eerie grounds echoing to celestial crystalized soundscapes of melodies where the soul is lead to dance thru primal repetitive rhythms enhanced by filtered acoustics (and playful free-form techniques) .

The music is created in the moment using improvisation as a method of direct transcendence within its live composition. Using a wide bank of rhythmic, melodic and looped patterns Miraj allows their listeners to travel from one environment to the next.