Born in Minnesota to farming parents who whistled while they worked, Baby went from farm-hand, to amateur boxing prospect to acting protégé, before health problems took two years of his adolescence. Earning his High School diploma from a hospital bed, Baby soon went on to study rhythm and blues at sordid honky-tonks, jukes joints and dive bars throughout the Midwest. Befriending a guitar slick and distant relation of Tom T. Hall changed his life. He soon took on a guitar apprenticeship in Oldham Country, KY, learning a combination of steel string sliding, front porch sitting, and tobacco spittin’. This led him to his god-given purpose – crooning country music. Hustling around Nashville lead him to meeting Country Club drummer Jeff Dineley,who soon invited him to Canada. Settling in Yellowknife, NT, the Country Club wasrounded out by the punctuated piano playing of Mary Kelly, fervent fiddling Mark Rendell, and perspicacious bass pluckin of Sean Kieran. The Country Club sings country tunes in the classic tradition, from where they stand.

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