Pull up an icey chair and heat up your heart with the best medicine, laughter! Local comedians including Heidi Kane, Tom Parker, Jim Sparling, Jessie Wilson, Bitchy, Martin Rehak, Scott Falshaw, Artless Collective and special guests from the Snowking Crew. 


From the same crew of dumb-dumbs that brought you Knife Knews/Knife Life, YOLOKNIFE is an upcoming comedy variety web series. They will be premiering a new skit plus a few oldies for good measure! Starring Mikey McBryan, Pat Kane, Jay Bulckaert and various other grown ups who should really know better by now.

 Rylund Johnson: Amateur internet troll and sayer of things that probably don't need to be said. Rylund finds himself on the high functioning end of the Asperger's spectrum. His observational comedy can be described as blunt... like the wooden spoon his mother used to beat him with. He believes political correctness will be the end of civilization, that is, if the robots don't take over first. The things he loves most in this world are Tinder, his girlfriend, and Beyoncé.

Bitchy:Born on the south side of Happyville, Bitchy one of two boys in a family of fourteen were left to their own devices. In an effort to bring joy into his life  he began writing songs fueled by cheap tequila and political incorrectness. Like a way too hoppy craft beer or bitter bakers chocolate their songs jolt your senses. Bitchy has been writing and recording for two years with his first eight track due for release in early 2042“The perfect blend of WTF and did they really say that?” – Jack Salzburg, Producer Gentle Records“Don’t let your kids hear any of this!” – Bernice Grenoble, arts editor for Your Child Matters

 Scott "As a city kid growing up in a country town, Scott Falshaw knew he was destined for a bigger life. So, impressed by the sheer volume of traffic lights, he decided to make Yellowknife his home. Although he’s always been known as a wit and generally keen fellow, Scott is making his comedy debut in the frozen walls of the snow castle and hoping the frosty setting can cool down some of his hotter jokes."

Heidi Kane is a local emcee and comedian, probably most well-known for not taking her clothes off at the annual Brrrlesque show, but instead exposing the audience to her dirty jokes and lame puns. In addition to emceeing the Hottest Show in Town, she also co-stars as the emasculating rocker wife in Yellowknife based comedy Knife Life.

Jessie Wilson is a meticulous bureaucrat, silly stripper, and mouthy broad, though not necessarily in that order.  The Snow Castle will be her first time performing comedy in front of an audience that isn't her dog or close friends, so please, be gentle.

Jim Sparling did his first stand-up comedy last year at the Snow Castle Comedy Night when his son Alexander Sparling, the real comedian in the family, came up to Yellowknife to do the Castle show.  This year Jim is going to come back to the Castle and do a brand new show featuring all new material.

Martin Rehak is on a mission to understand the citizens of earth and the human condition primarily through the use of humour. He sometimes speaks of front of crowds gauging reactions and sending the results back to the mothership. Don't ever look him directly in the eyes.

Tom Parker is very much an amateur stand-up comedian and this will be his second time performing at the castle.  He spent his time preparing for the performance by eating Mr. Noodles and watching episodes of the Flying Nun.  Tom completed senior kindergarten in 1989 and is still very much a child.  (Please welcome, Tom Parker...) ---this in brackets is for the on-stage introduction