The pointe shoe is ballet’s most universally recognized symbol. To celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, The National Ballet of Canada, as part of they sesquicentennial project, 150 Pointes of Canada, is partnering with organizations, community groups, schools and individuals across the country to take ballet’s icon, the pointeshoe, to some of Canada’s most recognizable landmarks. #150Pointes

This is how we displayed their gift to us! 


THANK YOU MLA VANTHUYNE for the shout out in the Leg!

We are appreciative of your support! 

 MR. VANTHUYNE: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. Mr. Speaker, something remarkable happened yesterday down on Yellowknife Bay. For the 22nd time, the Snow King's Winter Festival kicked off its annual celebration of all things snow, ice, and winter.
 Mr. Speaker, as Northerners most of us grew up knowing that it's fun to play in the snow. More than 22 years ago, Yellowknifer Tony Foliot took that concept and ran with it and, if he could build a castle out of snow, well, it is only right that he should be the King of the Castle! 
 Now the Snow King festival has evolved into a celebration of winter that draws visitors from across Canada and other parts of the world. Starting just after freeze-up, a hardy band of souls is down on the lake every day. They cut the ice to make windows, steeples, and sculptures of all kinds. Then for two months they scoop and shovel and pile and blow and shape the snow. What emerges from this labour is an amazing castle. With a courtyard and slide, a grand ballroom, and various nooks and crannies, the Yellowknife snow castle has evolved into a masterful thing of beauty that is bigger and better every year.Its programming has evolved too. Every day in the month of March there's something unique and fun going on at the Castle. The festival provides a venue for many local musicians, and also brings in national musical performers. Everything from DJs at the Royal Rave to country to rockabilly and blues and roots, even a Burlesque show and a comedy night.
 The festival is great for families, and not just to go down the slide. It features children's plays and music and stories. It's a venue for art of many kinds. Its art shows feature the works of local schools and celebrations of uniquely northern groups such as Arctic Foxy.  There is a hockey tournament, a fish fry, a film festival, table tennis, and a TV screening, and its snow carving competition, which ends today, Mr. Speaker, now draws participants from as far away as China.
 Mr. Speaker, I seek unanimous consent to conclude my statement. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. 7 ---Unanimous consent granted
 MR. VANTHUYNE: Thank you, Mr. Speaker, and thank you, colleagues. Mr. Speaker, this celebration of arts and music and life in the snow has evolved into a true treasure for our community and territory. The ingenuity, commitment, teamwork, and inventiveness of the Snow King and his team has become a significant asset and an important feature of our winter. I invite my colleagues to join me in congratulating the Snow King on beginning his 22nd season. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”

The King's Ransom Raffle Draw will happen tonight/Saturday March 4th at 10pm.

Bring your ticket stubs! See you at the Royal Ball! 

If you'd like to volunteer at the Castle for ticket booth or security, or daytime courtyard shift please let us know!  

You'll get a pass and a shirt as our appreciation

Featured in

 "17 Most Experience Festivals in Canada in 2017"

Check out our friends at Century 21 coloring contest!!

Deadline is March 14th. Win two passes to the Capitol Theater. Awards at the Castle last weekend of March. Stay tuned for further details.  

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came to say hi to the Snowcastle Crew

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Our Schedule of Events Calendar can be downloaded here


THE KING'S RANSOM RAFFLE is a high-stakes, lakeside lottery where even the losers win big by supporting the coolest winter festival going and the 3rd Annual Snow Carving Competition, February 27-March 2nd with teams from Austria, China, Alaska, North America, NWT and Nunavut. 

2.0 version promises to be twice as good as last year's and boasts...

  •     twice as much prize money - $2000!
  •     twice as many chances to win with twice as many tickets 
  •     raising twice as much $ to fund the carving competition 
  •     twice as many snowcarving teams as last year

No hoodwinking here; this ain't no chase the ace.  The KRR 2.0 is old-school crowd sourcing, a 'here's hoping that the folks who love the Castle want to support it in a modest and much appreciated way' lottery. Still reading?  Hopefully that means you might be interested in ponying up to win:

  1. $1000 grand prize
  2. $500 runner-up
  3. $250 third
  4. $150 fourth
  5. $100 fifth 

What's more, every raffle ticket comes with a free Snowking $50 Season’s Pass, entitling you to month-long daytime access to the Castle, and 1/2 price evening events.

Email if you want one (or more) of the 120 tickets at $100/per ticket.   The draw is to be held March 4th at the Snowcastle with all proceeds supporting the 3rd annual Snowking Snowcarving Competition. 

We are in chickaDEE! 

If you'd like to volunteer as security or ticket sales please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator

 A few of our many volunteers who do security and our ticket booth

Some stats about this past season XXI of Snowking!

1710 tourists
18 days of programmed events
24 days the castle was open to public
34 different events/performances
312 artists/performers
~500 volunteer hours
49 volunteers
30 SK crew/board/staff
46 sponsors/funders
9 partner organizations
350 room capacity
12131 castle visitors