Snowking’s Snowkademy 2019 

Snowkademy is a half-day spring break camp for budding snow and ice architects, taught by real-life snowcastle crew.  This year’s camp will take place the first week of March break, right in Snowking’s castle.

March 18,19 will see the freshman class of 2019: Kindergarten and Grade 1 students - learn snowskills necessary for graduation, between 9:30-12, both days. 

March 20,21,22 will see a three-day workshop for the sophomore class of 2019  -Grades 2-4 students.  Again, instructional hours are 9:30-12, each day.  

Freshman tuition is $75 per student  and Sophomore classes cost $100 per student.   Both programs  include complimentary hot chocolate breaks, a special graduation memento and all-day  access to the castle.  School supplies (a plastic snowsaw) can be purchased for an additional $20.  Please remember that parental supervision is required after 12; this is a half day camp! Monday attendees will be given a rain cheque for pm access as castle is closed that day.



Grades 2-4: and stay tuned for additional information nearer the start of snowschool. 

Stay cool!

Black Ice Mike

Dean, Snowking’s Snowkademy