Save the Castle from Fire!

With Snowcastle construction season only a few weeks away, Snowking Winter Festival-makers are still scrambling to meet the demands of the Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) before the build can begin. You can help fireproof the castle by playing:

A 30:70 raffle to bankroll compliance with the NWT Fire Prevention Act

A 30:70 is very much like a 50:50, by the way, except that Snowking keep 70% of the money. Tickets cost $25 each and there are just 400 printed. There will be 3 grand prizes equal to 30% of ticket sales. Every 4-pack purchase comes with a free, season's pass to the Snowcastle (valued at $50 that gives unlimited daytime access to the Castle and ½ price tickets to all nighttime events)

The draw will be held at the Snowcastle site at 2pm on January 1st,though you don't need to be there to win. Contact or 444.1031 if you want to play.


Table Dates: Saturday, December 16 @ The Bromley Centre