We would love to have you volunteer at the castle!! Put a few hours work in and help out the coolest festival in town! Students get your CALM hours, adults get out and see all your friends, watch some great tunes and hang out in a snow castle!

Perks for volunteering:

-Event pass for show of your choosing for each shift worked

-SK Swag of your choosing for every 2 shifts work

To sign up, email: snowsparkle@snowking.ca and Nico will hook you up with available shifts. You pick what works for you!

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volumteer 3.jpg

Ticket sales/cash office:

Time: 7:45 to castle close. (Night shifts available only)

Duties: Sell tickets, take cash, give change, sell merchandise, open and closing duties. You are the first person they see when they walk into the castle! Smiling, laughing and super positive people wanted!




Times:: 11:45 -5:00 & 7:45 to castle close.

Duties: Being visible and observant, watching out and making sure everyone is having a good time and is acting responsibly. Help castle goers with their wrist bands, clean-up. Genuine love of people, great music and safety.