Where is the castle?

AKA: How to find us!

The Snow Castle is located on the ice of Yellowknife Bay, nestled into the shores of Great Slave Lake next to Old Town's Woodyard neighbourhood. 



During the month of March, taxi service is usually available to and from the Snow Castle. 

If you're driving, head down Franklin Avenue into Old Town, and turn right at the boat launch at Wiley Road and drive onto the ice. Keep to the road on the right, and you've found us!

If on foot, there are many ways to get here. The most direct route from Franklin Avenue is: turn right on Hamilton Drive, walk straight ahead for two blocks until you see the entrance to the Woodyard shack community. Keep straight on the path through the trees, and you will come out on the ice directly behind the Snow Castle.

**ALWAYS PRACTICE CAUTION WHILE ON THE ICE. *Never* go on the ice before December unless wearing a life jacket (and even then, it's risky!). Even when the ice is solid, there are places around Yellowknife Bay with currents and thin spots. Please stick to the well-trodden areas near the Snow Castle unless accompanied by a guide or you know where you're going. Stay safe out there!**